What we do

WinningCulture’s services are aimed at the dual-bottom-line objectives of sustainable profitability for your business and employee development. WinningCulture’s support can help your company engage its employees in deeply understanding your business’ role in society and how their work for your company can help them follow their calling and achieve their greatest potential.

Culture Assessment
Many define “culture” as “the way we do things ’round here.” Culture is characterized by the stories your employees tell about their work. Culture is demonstrated by how your employees behave when no one is watching. WinningCulture conducts structured interviews at alassessmentl levels to assess the belief systems that drive your company’s culture.

The culture assessment identifies whether there is a sufficient core of healthy beliefs to support your company’s goals. The assessment also indentifies the beliefs and behaviors that stand in the way of your company achieving its goals.

Stakeholder Engagement
Many change efforts fail because they lack commitment from company leadership, buy-in from key stakeholders and pull from key customers. WinningCulture assesses your company’s readiness and capacity for change. WinnngCulture will help you get leadership commitment, stakeholder buy-in and customer pull for only those changes that you can achieve and that your customers will appreciate.

Business Process Assessment
WinningCulture can help everyone in your company understand the key value and cost drivers. Working with the business processes related to these value and cost drivers, your team can reduce losses, eliminate waste, turbineimprove product quality and improve customer satisfaction.

Change Management
WinningCulture will guide your leadership team in assessing the risks and benefits of potential changes, developing action plans to mitigate the risks and realize the gains, and to learn during the process.
Leadership Coaching
Your leadership team must be committed to the necessary changes and capable of making them. WinningCulture can share insights gained from years of personal experience in both successful and unsuccessful change efforts.

leadershipWinningCulture can also share the teachings of Marshall Goldsmith, Jim Bagnola, Robert Kegan, Stephen Covey, Hyrum Smith, Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins and other leadership and self-improvement gurus